Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation

In addition to the spine we treat a wide variety of orthopedic complaints including, but not limited to:

Hip, knee, and shoulder pain
ACL rehabilitation
Post-operative total knee arthroplasty
Post-operative rotator cuff repair
Post-operative meniscus repairs, arthroscopies.

A recent study* found that over a third of individuals with extremity problems (such as knee, elbow, or shoulder pain) had conditions that could be classified as derangements. These types of problems are rapidly changeable with specific loading strategies.  While most physical therapists are unaware of the existence of these types of problems, MDT trained therapists are uniquely qualified to identify and treat them.  Even individuals who have failed to benefit from traditional physical therapy may experience dramatic improvements in symptoms when they are treated using MDT.  While we welcome post-operative patients, we encourage patients with joint problems to visit us before surgery, as surgery can often be avoided with appropriate treatment in our clinic.

*May SJ, Rosedale R. A survey of the McKenzie Classification System in the Extremities: prevalence of mechanical syndromes and preferred loading strategies. Phys Ther. 2012;92(9):1175-86.

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